BiteSized Guidance

This is where you will find a wide range of resources including, safety tips, safe work procedures, safety bulletins and many more. New topics are added all the time so check back here often to find what you need.

You Are A Safety Leader – Handout
Cargo Securement Tips
Battery Safety Tips
Fatigue Research Summary
How to choose an Electronic Logging Device (ELD)
Injury Statistics
Preventative Measures
Responsibilities for Personal Safety During Labour Disputes
Safe Work Practices For Lift Trucks
WHMIS Labeling of Consumer Product

Winter Driving

Shift Into Winter Driving Quiz
Winterizing Your Safety Plan
Get a grip when driving in winter conditions
Chaining Up: A Guide for Professional Drivers
Reading the Road: Brochure and Tailgate Meeting Guide
Traction – Brochure
Trip Planning – Brochure
Visibility – Brochure

Joint Health and Safety Committees

Handbook for Joint Health and Safety Committees
Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee Foundation course – Slides
Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee Foundation course – Optional workshop slides
Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee Foundation course – Facilitator guide
Reference Guide for Employer Incident Investigations
Regulatory Change: A Primer on Joint Health and Safety Committees
FAQ – Worker Health and Safety Representatives
FAQ – Joint Health and Safety Committees

Personal Protective Equipment

PPE Responsibilities – Workers
PPE responsibilities – employers
PPE responsibilities – supervisors
Personal Protective Equipment for Truck Drivers
Hearing Protection Device Selection Criteria

Manager Tools

A Roadmap for Canada’s Trucking Employers to Recruit and Retain Millennials
Guide to Completing an Employer Incident Investigation Report
Managing and Supervising Safely Warehouse
Orientation Guide

Health & Wellness

Your Guide To Diabetes
The Canadian Diabetes Risk Questionnaire
How Much Does Tobacco Smoking, Alcohol Use and Excess Weight Cost Individual Canadian Men?
Chief Medical Health Officer’s Report on the Health & Wellbeing of Men and Boys in Northern BC
Aboriginal Health – Rebuilding Strength
Healthy Eating – Tips and Tricks for Shift Workers

Human Resources

Funds for Fleets – A guide to government funding opportunities for employers in Canada’s trucking industry

Manual Material Handling

Racking Regulations Update
Safety Bulletin – Operating the Landing Gear
Safety Bulletin – Moving Materials with a Manual Pallet Jack
Safety Bulletin – Safely Open a Swing Door
Manual Material Handling Research Summary
Safe Work Procedures – Operating Landing Gear
Safe Work Procedures – Landing Gear (Operating and Maintenance Procedures)
Safe Work Procedures – Safely Open a Swing Door

Bulletins for Trucking

WorkSafeBC Message to BC Employer
Employers Transitioning to WHMIS 2015
Falls are a leading cause of truck driver injuries
Log truck runs away on hill, killing driver
Trailer loads can shift, resulting in fatalities

FAQ’s of Wildlife Vehicle Collisions

Frequently Asked Questions about Wildlife Vehicle Collisions