Tips & Tricks

Vehicle maintenance tips

Make sure your windshield wipers are in good condition Make sure your mirrors are clean Make sure your headlights clean Make sure all your lights are working Always do a walk around your vehicle prior to leaving to check for damage

Inspecting and adjusting loads safely

Choose the most level surface available to load, adjust loads or adjust brakes. Set the parking brake control valve (yellow) and use wheel chocks when inspecting and/or adjusting either the load or the brakes – DO NOT use the trailer brake hand valve. Look up for potential overhead hazards while adjusting the load straps. Make … Read More

6 Important Incident Investigation Tips

Focus on the facts, not the person Separate the incident investigation from a disciplinary investigation Conduct your interview at the incident site if possible Use positive leading questions Use positive body language

Health & Wellness Resources

Mental Health Commission of Canada Trucking HR Canada Bell Let’s Talk Canadian Mental Health Association – Bounce Back: Reclaim your health North American Fatigue Management Program

How to start out 2019 safely

Track all safety related activities on site Understand your legislative requirements Consult with other managers and employees on site Develop an action plan (based on last years safety activities) Gather a pool of safety resources Focus on continual improvement

Chaining Up Tires

Safely install chains before needing them Get close to the tires to minimize overextending your reach Stay balanced – keep feet shoulder width when crouching Be aware of oncoming traffic

Safe Bending, Lifting and Carrying

Place your feet apart for good balance Bend your knees Hold the object as close to your body as possible Lift smoothly and slowly Pivot with your feet; don’t twist the back Push, rather than pull a load Share the load; work with a partner Get mechanical assistance for heavy loads

Hook it, pin it, double check it

Make sure the correct ramps and walk boards are loaded before each job. Inspect the walk board before use to ensure that it has not been damaged and is set up properly. Frequently check that there is sufficient tread on the soles of your shoes and that they are clear of soil, oil, or any … Read More