Tips & Tricks

Safe Bending, Lifting and Carrying

Place your feet apart for good balance Bend your knees Hold the object as close to your body as possible Lift smoothly and slowly Pivot with your feet; don’t twist the back Push, rather than pull a load Share the load; work with a partner Get mechanical assistance for heavy loads

Hook it, pin it, double check it

Make sure the correct ramps and walk boards are loaded before each job. Inspect the walk board before use to ensure that it has not been damaged and is set up properly. Frequently check that there is sufficient tread on the soles of your shoes and that they are clear of soil, oil, or any … Read More

Site Safety Loading and Unloading Tips

Be aware of hazards Know the employer’s hazard prevention program Use all safety materials available (chocks, shoring bars, tiedowns) Keep a safe distance from the load in case of sudden shift Get More Information

Site Safety Online Courses

Safe Driving: Backing Up Contractor Health and Safety Preventing Falls from Slips and Trips Personal Protective Equipment: The Basics Violence in the Workplace Orientation on Health and Safety New Workers Get More Information

Site Safety

Look twice before exiting your cab for weather or debris hazards Carry a headlamp with you for stops with inadequate lighting Wear PPE when outside the truck Use walking paths Report any hazards to yard manager Don’t exceed posted yard speeds

10 Tips for Respect and Civility in the Workplace

Train and Develop Incorporate Respect and Civility in Your Communications Give Your Full Attention Use Respectful Language Say Hello Be Considerate When You Speak Be Inclusive Practice Humility Be a Role Model Address Uncivil Behaviour Get More Information

Be Truck Aware Stats and Studies

In an average year in B.C., large trucks are involved in less than 1% of all crashes – but they’re involved in nearly 20% of fatal crashes. On average, between 2011 and 2015, 285 people were killed each year on B.C.’s roads and highways, 61 of them in crashes involving at least one large commercial … Read More

Stretching Neck and Shoulders

Bring the top of your shoulders toward your ears until you feel some tension. Hold this pose for three to five seconds before relaxing into your normal sitting position. Repeat this stretch two or three times. While sitting or standing – without lifting your chin – glide your head straight back. (If you feel like … Read More

Why it’s important to chain up

To improve traction and vehicle control For safety and the safety of other road users To reduce the risk of property damage To keep you moving, and help prevent downtime To avoid costly road closures It’s the law Road conditions: Toll-free 1-800-550-4997

9 tips for driving in the rain

Slow down Be mindful of puddles Avoid flooded roads or moving water Anticipate wind gusts Avoid hydroplaning Turn on your headlights Use the defroster and air conditioner Increase following distance Get to higher ground Get More Information