Tips & Tricks

Why you should attend the Speaker Series in Prince George:

Why you should attend the Speaker Series in Prince George: Safety Committee members can receive their required 8 hours of safety training 4 speakers to discuss 4 very timely topics Networking with your peers Free lunch! Who should attend the Speaker Series in Prince George? Managers Business Owners Safety Committee Members Transportation Professionals Supervisors HR … Read More

Questions to ask your employer

What are the dangers of my job? Are there any hazards? When will I receive job safety training? Is there any safety gear that I’ll be expected to wear? Who do I ask if I have a safety question? What do I do if I get hurt?

General Operations Safety Tips

Use tools and service equipment only for the tasks for which they are designed. Keep power tool guards and safety devices in place and functional. Inspect and service fire extinguishers regularly. Keep first aid kits fully stocked and accessible. Have emergency eyewash stations or showers where appropriate and keep them clean from dirt and debris. … Read More

Toolbox Talks Ideas

Cab or Trailer Entry/Exit Company Safety Culture Distraction Prevention Incident Investigation Personal Protective Equipment Pre-Trip Inspections

10 Tips for Encouraging PPE Compliance

Establish and consistently enforce a policy requiring the use of assigned PPE. Talk about PPE when appropriate in safety meeting. Ask employees to give their personal reasons for wearing PPE. Make the analogy with fitness and healthy lifestyle. Ask for employee input concerning PPE. Post signs indicating what PPE is needed in each work area. … Read More

How to register for CCOHS courses

Go to Click on Register Now In drop down choose Register Choose the course Click on Learn More Complete registration details *** You will need your WorkSafeBC number

How to Use a Roundabout

You’ll see crosswalks on the entry legs to the roundabout. You need to yield to any pedestrians or cyclists in the crosswalk, and be sure you don’t block it. Yield to traffic that’s already inside the roundabout—it has the right of way. Drive counter-clockwise within the asphalt lane. There is usually a raised or coloured … Read More

What is a Cone Zone

Controlled zone designed for worker safety and your safety Traffic diversion and control Awareness of speed change Get more information