Tips & Tricks

Stretching Neck and Shoulders

Bring the top of your shoulders toward your ears until you feel some tension. Hold this pose for three to five seconds before relaxing into your normal sitting position. Repeat this stretch two or three times. While sitting or standing – without lifting your chin – glide your head straight back. (If you feel like … Read More

Why it’s important to chain up

To improve traction and vehicle control For safety and the safety of other road users To reduce the risk of property damage To keep you moving, and help prevent downtime To avoid costly road closures It’s the law Road conditions: Toll-free 1-800-550-4997

9 tips for driving in the rain

Slow down Be mindful of puddles Avoid flooded roads or moving water Anticipate wind gusts Avoid hydroplaning Turn on your headlights Use the defroster and air conditioner Increase following distance Get to higher ground Get More Information

5 Tips to Make Your COR Audit Go Smoother

Communicate the interview schedule in advance to staff Prepare staff/contractors for interview questions Provide a clear explanation of the score you award Check your addition on your audit score If in doubt, call SafetyDriven for any questions Get More Information

5 Key Ingredients to Building Safety Engagement

Source: Management style – enforcement/authoritarian style will have less success than a coaching/mentoring style. People-view – how you view people is exactly how you will treat them. If you believe employees can’t be trusted, you won’t. And they won’t either. Level of caring – you cannot fake caring about employees. Either you do, or … Read More

Tips to Prevent Winter Slips and Falls

Get the right footwear Walk slower with caution Use handrails Step in or out of your vehicle with caution Watch out for black ice Don’t carry too much at a time Don’t create a hazard indoors, have a clear path Watch your step!

12 Tips for Driving in Low Visibility Conditions

Source: Exercise EXTREME caution – Other drivers’ actions become very unpredictable. Use low beams & fog lights, not high beams. The best solution to counteract reduced visibility and traction is to slow down, but avoid braking suddenly. Slow down carefully and gently. Ensure you keep your view clear. Always keep your windshield washer reservoir full – it will … Read More

Why you should attend the Speaker Series in Prince George:

Why you should attend the Speaker Series in Prince George: Safety Committee members can receive their required 8 hours of safety training 4 speakers to discuss 4 very timely topics Networking with your peers Free lunch! Who should attend the Speaker Series in Prince George? Managers Business Owners Safety Committee Members Transportation Professionals Supervisors HR … Read More

Questions to ask your employer

What are the dangers of my job? Are there any hazards? When will I receive job safety training? Is there any safety gear that I’ll be expected to wear? Who do I ask if I have a safety question? What do I do if I get hurt?