Employers Certified by COR Programs Have Greater Reduction in Injury Rates: Studies

Source: Firms in B.C.’s, Alberta’s Certificate of Recognition programs have 12 to 14 per cent greater reduction Workplaces certified through Certificate of Recognition (COR) programs have greater reduction in lost-time injury rates than non-certified workplaces. And even among COR-certified companies, differences in injury rates can be found between lower-scoring companies and higher-scoring ones. These … Read More

Distracted Drivers, Other Motorists Seen as Top Threat to Truckers

Source: TORONTO, Ont. – Members of Canada’s trucking industry are pointing to distracted drivers and other motorists when identifying the top threats to today’s truck drivers, a recent survey concludes. The monthly Pulse Survey of Today’s Trucking readers listed other motorists at the top threat, recorded by 55% of survey participants, followed by distracted … Read More

Winter Driving Kit

It’s no secret that being prepared for the worst helps to lessen the effect the worst has on us. This is especially true when it comes to winter driving. No one expects to be stuck or stranded in a winter storm in their vehicle, but it’s a reality. It does and can happen. To ensure … Read More

Chronic Stress and Eating Tips for Truck Drivers

Stress is a feeling we all experience when we are challenged or overwhelmed, but more than just an emotion, stress is a hardwired physical response that travels throughout your entire body.  In the short term, stress can be advantageous, but when activated too often or too long, your primitive fight or flight response not only … Read More

What Keeps You Motivated to Drive?

We do our best every day. Most days it goes unnoticed, but we keep doing it. Some days it’s harder than others, but that doesn’t stop us. It’s who we are as a person. In many ways, being a commercial driver seems like it’s a thankless job when we’re on the road, but it’s a … Read More

Brake Safety Week Puts 13.5% of Trucks Out of Service for Violations

Source: This year’s Brake Safety Week, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s annual nationwide brake inspection event, saw 13.5% of 34,320 vehicles placed out of service for critical brake-related violations identified during roadside inspections. On a more positive note, 86.5% of vehicles inspected from Sept. 15-21, 2019, did not have any critical brake-related inspection item … Read More

Fall Driving

The fall season is upon us and will turn into winter in the blink of an eye. Depending on where you are, fall could mean rain and/or snow. Planning ahead can reduce seasonal risks and keep you safer while driving. Visibility is a big concern any time, but when Mother Nature brings about a downpour or … Read More