Statistics & Reports

Looking at what accidents occur, as well as when, where, and how they happen can provide insights as to how they may be prevented. Often what we believe to be happening is not supported by what we can measure. The Trucking Safety Council of BC tries to examine injury types and sources to provide guidance on where a company should be focused for prevention.

Baseline Report

This report compares the previous five years performance by the funding classification units against the subsector and sector performance. The report examines key areas and can show general trends in accidents and injuries.

Report on Falls from Non-Moving Vehicles

Falls form a significant portion of the injuries reported by drivers and almost half of those falls occur from a non-moving vehicle. This report examines falls and voluntary exits as separate types of event because of the different prevention efforts that would be required.
TSCBC Falls from Non-Moving Vehicles Report 2012

Report on the cost of crashes

Crashes are a business expense that is often misunderstood because much of the risk is financed through insurance coverage but the impact on business can be extreme. This report examines the cost of crashes, earnings needed to recover costs and factors that can be managed to mitigate the risk of crashes.
Report on the cost of crashes