COR Policy Manual – Small Employer Internal Auditors

Section Description

This section describes how small employer Certificate of Recognition (COR) internal auditors may be certified.

Key Points

To be certified as small employer COR internal auditors, candidates must:

  1. Have a permanent employment relationship with the company they wish to audit.
  2. Complete a training course.
  3. Pass an examination.
  4. Complete a student audit.
  5. Complete a minimum number of audits during the COR audit cycle.


Minimum Requirements

  1. There are no prerequisites to become an internal auditor. However the applicant must demonstrate an adequate level of knowledge and understanding of audit protocol by passing a prescribed course and exam


  1. The training and certification of an internal auditor is a requirement of the small employer COR certification process. Once an employer has registered for the COR program as described in the Employer Registration policy, the employer’s internal auditor candidate will enroll in the small employer internal auditor training program.
  2. The internal auditor must hold a permanent (full or part time) position with the company they wish to audit. When part time positions are held with multiple companies the internal auditor is only eligible to perform one audit each year. 


  1. Small employer internal auditor candidates must complete a course of training in occupational health and safety principles, and auditing practices.
  2. The training must be provided, endorsed, or recognized by the SafetyDriven™ (TSCBC).
  3. Following completion of training the candidate must pass an examination of the course material.
  4. Candidates who fail the exam must repeat the training before rewriting the examination.

Student Audit

  1. Following successful completion of training a candidate must complete and submit a student audit within 12 months.
  2. The student audit can also be the certifying audit for the employer.

Minimum Auditing Requirements

  1. Following certification, or recertification, as an internal auditor the auditor must complete two audits within the subsequent three years to retain certification.

Follow-up Training

  1. Three years after certification the internal auditor must complete refresher training in occupational health and safety principles.
  2. The training must be provided, endorsed, or recognized by the SafetyDriven™ (TSCBC).
  3. Upon successful completion of the refresher training, and if the auditor has completed their minimum auditing requirements, the auditor will be recertified for another three year period.


  1. Employer Registration

Last Reviewed March 23, 2018

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