COR Policy Manual – Small Employer COR Certification

Section Description

This section describes how small employers obtain and retain a Certificate of Recognition (COR).

Key Points

To obtain and retain a Certificate of Recognition small employers must:

  1. Have an employee become certified as a COR internal auditor.
  2. Pass a certification audit.
  3. Complete maintenance audits as required.
  4. Complete recertification audits as required.



  1. Small Employers must be doing business with fewer than twenty employees.
  2. Reference: Employer Registration

Small Employer Training

  1. A representative of the employer must complete a course of training and become certified as an internal auditor as described in the policy: Small Employer Internal Auditors.

Audit Preparation/Safety Evaluation

  1. Following training, and prior to a certification audit, small employers should evaluate their operations to determine their degree of compliance with the elements of the Small Employers Audit tool.
  2. Any shortfalls or gaps in their compliance with the audit tool should be addressed prior to any formal certification audit.


  1. Successful completion of a certifying audit is required before an employer can obtain a Certificate of Recognition.
  2. Maintenance audits are required at the end of the first and second year following certification.
  3. A successful recertification audit is required at the end of the third year following certification to retain certification.

Loss of Certificate of Recognition

A small employer will have their Certificate of Recognition removed for the following reasons:

  1. They are no longer registered with SafetyDriven.
  2. Failure to complete a maintenance audit.
  3. Failure of a recertification audit.
  4. Evidence of fraudulent activity or misrepresentation in the Certificate of Recognition process.

Appeals Process

  1. Any disagreement with a decision of SafetyDriven with regard to any aspect of the certification process must be communicated in writing to SafetyDriven.
  2. The process for filing a dispute and the steps to its resolution are described in the policy: Dispute Resolution.


  1. Employer Registration
  2. Small Employer Internal Auditors


  1. Small Employer Audit Tool


Last Reviewed March 23, 2018

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