What COR leads to

Numerous COR certified companies have seen the following result of achieving a COR certification:

  • Strong safety culture that includes senior managers & frontline workers
  • Lower WorkSafeBC premiums due to lowered compensation costs
  • A safer, healthier workplace with less risk of workplace injury
  • Annual WorkSafeBC premium rebates of up to 10 percent

The SafetyDriven – TSCBC COR will lead a greater sense of awareness of health and safety in the workplace due to the recognition for all the hard work. Once certified, the company will be provided with COR decals to place on their worksite and equipment.

The COR decals help communicate to staff and the business world that the company is committed to health and safety of staff. This in return opens up many opportunities for the employer, such as improved employee retention and public perception.

The journey to COR includes courses, audits, and help from the SafetyDriven – TSCBC advisors who guide you through the process of developing or improving an OHS program. Some courses are available online through our Learning Academy.