COR Rebate Calculator

Employers who obtain the Health and Safety COR may receive an incentive payment from WorkSafeBC. Use the following calculation to determine the rebate amount you could receive:
Employer?s reported assessable payroll x CU Base Rate divided by $100 of assessable payroll x 10%
For example, if your reported payroll was $2 million and your CU base rate was $2.00 your incentive payment would be $4,000:
($2,000,000 x $2.00) ÷ $100 x 10% = $4,000

Calculate your COR rebate here:

Enter Payroll and Base rate below and click “Calculate”:Step 1: Enter Assessable Payroll*:
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Rebate per year of certification:
*Assessable payroll
Most employers pay premiums based on their assessable payroll at the appropriate group assessment rate.
Assessable payroll (PDF 32kb) is the gross earnings of all full-time and part-time workers, casual workers, labour contractors who don’t have an account with WorkSafeBC, and shareholders in the firm. These earnings include:

  • Wages, salaries, commissions, bonuses, holiday pay, management fees, or any other remuneration paid to workers, contractors, and active shareholders before deductions
  • Amount of optional coverage for partners, proprietors, and proprietors’ spouses during the assessment period
  • Earnings of a proprietor’s or partner’s children