Benefits of COR

What’s in it for you?

COR stands for Certificate of Recognition. It’s a designation that shows your company is operating at safety standards that meet or exceed BC’s legal requirements.

The COR approach places safety on par in importance with sales and productivity. LECOR is our program for employers with 20 or more workers; SECOR is for those with less than 20.

A display of COR within the company demonstrates to staff a commitment to their health and safety. As a result, improving both employee recruitment and retention.

The 10% rebate COR certified companies are entitled to from WorkSafeBC increases their resource pool which allows companies to remain competitive. It enables companies to further invest in equipment, training or expertise to increase their productivity.

The COR recognition further improves business possibilities by demonstrating to potential clients that the company is committed to the health and safety of staff. As a result, this demonstrates to potential clients that the company is reliable in delivering their product or service.