home-display-1What is COR?

The Health and Safety Certificate of Recognition (COR) is awarded to employers who implement and maintain an occupational health and safety management system that exceeds regulatory requirements. COR is earned by employers who successfully meet a set of audit standards.


COR Benefit:

WorkSafeBC provides incentive payments to a COR company in good standing. Incentive payments are calculated using a company’s assessable payroll and the base rate for each classification unit (CU) for the incentive year. Over time, with reduced injuries and shorter claims duration, the employer’s experience rated WorkSafeBC premium will reflect additional savings. Also, in some industries, COR’s are becoming a requirement as a prequalification to bid on work contracts.


How to Get COR?

The SafetyDriven team is a safety association recognized by WorkSafeBC as having in-depth industry knowledge used to promote and develop workplace health and safety. Employers that are part of the General Trucking/Moving & Storage classification units as well as those naturally aligned to SafetyDriven can register with us. After registration, we guide the employer to implement an effective health and safety management system and help the employer complete and pass a qualifying audit.


Using COR for SAFE Companies Certification

SafetyDriven and the BC Forest Safety Council (BCFSC) have reached an agreement, which accepts your SafetyDriven COR certification as equal to all or most of the audit needed for SAFE Companies Certification. Find out more here.


Follow the Roadmap

Still wondering how to get COR? Review the Mentorship Roadmap to review the process from start to finish. The nice thing is that any company could start regardless of their safety knowledge thanks to the services provided by the SafetyDriven team. We will work with your company to improve the safety program to level that meets the COR requirements. In most cases our services are free or have a minimal charge as we are a not-for-profit agency.