Health and Safety - Doing it Right!

SafetyDriven Allstars are all the employers recognized by SafetyDriven for their commitment to health and safety in the workplace. These employers take the initiative to engage staff members in health and safety activities to increase the awareness of hazards in the workplace.Employers have several methods to choose from for creating health and safety awareness. This includes health and safety themed contests, events, training, emergency drills, picnics, and many more. Speak to SafetyDriven staff about ideas for creating awareness in the workplace.

T-Lane Transportation recertifies COR and creates new online safety program

Congratulations to T-Lane Transportation on recertifying for COR with flying colours in December 2017. T-Lane’s safety and compliance officer Jenna Tracey contacted SafetyDriven in August 2017 when the company was preparing for their COR recertification. They had some personnel change-over at the same time they were scheduled to do their recertification, which was due for … Read More

Kool Pak/Polar Express builds safety culture and earns COR

Congratulations to Kool Pak/Polar Express for earning COR in 2017. They signed on with SafetyDriven in 2014, and since then, they have built a new safety culture. Safety manager Kavita Kohli contacted SafetyDriven for help getting started. Safety advisor Jimmy Sandhu visited the company and did a safety evaluation to identify the work that needed … Read More

Phoenix Earns Their COR and Trials New Program for Owner-Operators

Congratulations to Phoenix Truck and Crane for earning their Certificate of Recognition (COR) and spearheading a new method of delivering safety certification for owner-operators. “Working with SafetyDriven, we’ve piloted their newly developed owner-operator COR certification program,” says safety manager Trevor Dick. “It brings individual owner-operators into the safety fold and explains the importance of being … Read More

Safety Awards Go to Cold Logic and Their People

On May 13, 2016 Cold Logic received two awards from SafetyDriven – TSCBC; Best Overall, and Naturally Aligned at the annually held COR Awards. Their dedication and commitment to workplace health and safety has made Cold Logic a SafetyDriven Allstar. Here is their story on the challenges they faced, and how they overcame them. Cold … Read More

Manitoulin Transport

Manitoulin Transport

“Manitoulin Transport recognizes that improper performance of a 3 point contact is one of the main causes of slip, trip, and fall injuries experienced by the trucking industry. One of the measures Manitoulin Transport has taken to increase awareness to the issue, is to adhere the 3 point contact stickers made available by the Trucking … Read More

MHL Transport

Based out of Langley, BC, MHL Transport has been recognized for achieving their health and safety initiative of reaching 100 days without a lost time injury. To recognize the staff at MHL management sent out an email and treated everyone to donuts and coffee. Congratulations to MHL for reaching their milestone.