What are the SafetyDriven, Advisors up to today?

I, for one, am in the office writing this blog and working on course development. Hardeep is busy reviewing COR audits to ensure the highest standards are being met. To find out about a COR audit click on this link: As for Jimmy & Earl, they’re out at SafetyDriven members’ facilities performing onsite GAP … Read More

Management meetings that tackle health and safety issues

In an ideal situation an OHS professional would be able to present health and safety issues to management, and as a result everyone would work towards finding ways to correct them. Unfortunately, management are often tied down with productivity issues or other concerns that leave health and safety concerns on the back burner. In some … Read More

Keep it safe, even on weekends

Thursdays before a long weekend always seem to be the longest, thanks to all the excitement. While most people are thinking about their weekend plans it’s important to remember all safety considerations. The weekend usually means spending time with friends and family but we have to remember that not everyone can take the time off. … Read More

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