Moving Safely with Personal Protective Equipment

As a professional in the moving and storage business, you face new challenges every day. Although each move is unique, you have to be prepared for whatever the customer’s situation demands, whether that’s dealing with an antique grand piano, a creaky, undersized elevator in a vintage office building, or a homeowner’s children running around underfoot. … Read More

Be Warehouse Aware and Prevent Injuries

A warehouse is meant to be a place where goods can be stored safely. Unfortunately, warehouses are not always safe places for workers. From fires to falls, warehouse hazards have the potential to injure and even kill. For example, forklifts—the ones you find buzzing around almost every kind of storage facility—were involved in 54 fatal … Read More

SafetyDriven: Making Safety Easier

You’re a transport professional. You know that there’s no excuse for accidents, injuries, and the resulting vehicle or worker downtime. You understand that trucking, moving, and storage companies have a powerful partner in safety. But being in charge of a busy fleet means you don’t have time to waste searching for safety information. You need … Read More

Habits Never Die

It’s no secret we do things without thinking. Sometimes it’s good things, but other times it’s not. We do many things by habit. Whether these habits are good, or not so good, many happen while we’re driving. One thing to realize is that these habits never die, they just change. Sometimes these changed habits can … Read More

Manual Material Handling and Back Injuries

Source: Lifting objects or manually handling materials puts workers at risk for back injuries. More than 111,000 such injuries requiring days away from work were recorded in 2017, according to “Injury Facts,” an online database created by the National Safety Council. What can employers and workers do to prevent them? Risk prevention “When efforts … Read More

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss: Are You at Risk?

“Say what?” “Excuse me?” “Sorry, I didn’t get that.” “Hey, don’t mumble!” If you can’t understand what your coworkers are saying even when they’re close to you, noise levels in your workplace may be threatening your hearing. According to Health Canada’s page “Noise-Induced Hearing Loss,” just 5 minutes a day of noise that requires someone … Read More

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