Breakfast on the Go!

No time for breakfast? The most important meal of the day and you say you don’t have time? No time for a meal that will jumpstart your metabolism and get you revved up for the day? The fact is you’re not alone. Some people don’t like to eat right when they wake up and others … Read More

Wheel Judgement

Depending on the situation, many people enjoy surprises. Birthday or anniversary surprises can be quite enjoyable. Other surprises may not be as enjoyable, especially when it comes to driving. It’s no secret drivers tend to cut off commercial vehicles regularly, especially without a signal or with a wrong signal. If only there was a way … Read More

Mechanics: Making Everything Go

Imagine for a moment the vast network of mechanized transport around the globe: large trucks, buses, trains, airplanes, ships, all humming along purposefully. Now remove from that world all of the heavy duty equipment mechanics. Things don’t looks so rosy anymore. Without each of their specialized maintenance yards and repair facilities, those powerful machines are … Read More

The Hidden Dangers of Summer Driving

Summer time and the living is easy. Barbeques, outdoor fun, and sunny weekends fill our off-work hours. The words tired and impatient don’t come into the picture—or do they? According to Jimmy Sandhu, safety advisor at SafetyDriven – Trucking Safety Council of BC, fatigue and frustration can be real hazards for drivers in the summer … Read More

Site Safety Plans, the Details/ਸਾਈਟ ਸੁਰੱਖਿਆ ਯੋਜਨਾਵਾਂ, ਵੇਰਵੇ।

Previously we looked at the general needs for a site safety plan and touched on some of basic issues that most sites plans are trying to address. Once you start to develop your plan you’ll soon realise that your needs are not that different from most other organisation so there’s probably no need to try … Read More

Check, Check, Check – Are You Sure You’re Done?

Many people think that a COR Audit is just a process of following industry Standards and Regulations. While this is the goal, a COR Audit really should be an opportunity to look at how well your health and safety management system (HSMS) works. You may think your HSMS works well. But there is more to … Read More

SafetyDriven – TSCBC Announces Industry Award Winners

SHOWING COMMITMENT TO SAFETY IN BC’s TRANSPORTATION INDUSTRIES SafetyDriven – Trucking Safety Council of BC (TSCBC) is honouring eight companies for their commitment to keeping their workers and workplaces safe from injury, illness, and disease.  Six companies earned their initial Certificate of Recognition (COR), a designation awarded to employers with a health and safety management … Read More

Simple Steps You Can Take so International Roadcheck Counts in Your Favor

Source: Every year the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) stages an all-out 72-hour inspection effort, called International Roadcheck. This June 4-6 will be no different, as U.S. federal and state inspectors, plus their Canadian and Mexican counterparts, will conduct Level 1 inspections of drivers and vehicles at 1,500 locations. Nearly 15 trucks or buses … Read More

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