Brake Safety Week Puts 13.5% of Trucks Out of Service for Violations

Source: This year’s Brake Safety Week, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s annual nationwide brake inspection event, saw 13.5% of 34,320 vehicles placed out of service for critical brake-related violations identified during roadside inspections. On a more positive note, 86.5% of vehicles inspected from Sept. 15-21, 2019, did not have any critical brake-related inspection item … Read More

Fall Driving

The fall season is upon us and will turn into winter in the blink of an eye. Depending on where you are, fall could mean rain and/or snow. Planning ahead can reduce seasonal risks and keep you safer while driving. Visibility is a big concern any time, but when Mother Nature brings about a downpour or … Read More

Province invests in CleanBC Heavy-duty Vehicle Efficiency Program

Source: Under CleanBC, British Columbia’s climate plan, the Province is rolling out a new heavy-duty vehicle efficiency program that will help lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and will help commercial truck drivers spend less money on fuel. “Reducing emissions from the transportation sector is important if we are to create a cleaner future,” said … Read More

A Picture or Video is Worth a Thousand Words

Videos showcased at our Speaker Series in Prince George, BC!  Meet Joe, Donna, and Arvind, the stars of three new short videos produced by WorkSafeBC. They are ordinary people whose jobs as commercial truck drivers play a core role in their happy, stable lives—until injury strikes. Suddenly, things aren’t so rosy. We see how one … Read More

Truck Drivers and Type II Diabetes

Due to the nature of the occupation, truck drivers are at high risk for Type II Diabetes. If you are over 40, underactive and overweight you are at risk for Type II Diabetes. Type II Diabetes is the most common type of Diabetes and there are 60 000 newly diagnosed cases each year in Canada. … Read More

Driver Impairments

When we think of impairments our mind tends to think about alcohol or drugs and how it affects us, especially while driving. As most – if not all – people know that driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs is strictly prohibited and is quite dangerous, but there can be another impairment that some people … Read More

Compliance for Drivers

The National Safety Code (NSC) has four specific areas of enforcement and all company safety policies fall under one of these areas: Driver Safety Plan Vehicle Safety Plan Hours of Services Safety Plan A Plan for all Safety Considerations The driver has the responsibility to ensure that all these areas of the National Safety Code … Read More

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