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Top 10 Popular Downloads

Top 10 Popular Downloads 10. Mechanics Shop Hazards 9.  Job Safety Analysis Template 8.  Fatigue Poster 7.  Audit Action Plan Template 6.  Chaining up video 5.  Spot the Office Hazards 4.  Certificate of Recognition (COR) Audit Training Tool 3.  Spot the Warehouse Hazards 2.  Driver Evaluation Template 1.  Stop Think Act Poster

National Safety Code: Complying vs. Operating

The National Safety Code came into enforcement on April 1, 1990. This was 29 years ago and there are still a lot of drivers struggling to comply. There is a difference between complying and operating with the National Safety Code. This means that the National Safety Code is a set of rules for fleet operation … Read More

SafetyDriven – What Is A COR Auditor?

Auditors are an integral part of the SafetyDriven COR Program. They make an important contribution to the functioning of the COR program by conducting the audit, and by providing a sound, and informed perspective on the effectiveness of an employer’s health and safety program.  A COR auditor, by definition, is a recognized and specially-trained individual … Read More

Feeling Zapped?

One of the most serious health related problems in the workplace is fatigue. It can impact on the job accidents, absenteeism and productivity. Fatigue is often caused by poor sleep however other big energy zappers include poor diet, lack of exercise, dehydration and stress. Food is your fuel and when we don’t get it regularly … Read More

Health & Safety Tools For Managers and Supervisors

While managers and supervisors have many responsibilities in any organization, their role in the health and safety equation is an especially important one. Managers and supervisors play a crucial leadership role in making sure that all employees know that health and safety are top priorities in the day-to-day lives of everyone in the company. We’ve … Read More

Safe Work Procedures

Your company has safe work procedures. You’ve almost certainly seen them. In fact you’ve undoubtedly been trained or provided training on them. But… did you ever stop to think why the company has those particular procedures? How did that selection of procedures come to exist? Were they plundered from the ‘internettywebby thingy’? Maybe they just … Read More

Back on Track: Preventing Backing Accidents

“I’m new to this and I’m having a really hard time backing up the trailer. It’s my kryptonite—I can’t seem to grasp it. I don’t know why but I’m almost to the point of walking away….” This comment appeared in an online forum for professional drivers. The writer is not alone. Many authorities agree that … Read More

10 Free Resources to Improve Fleet Safety

Your fleet may be running like a well-oiled machine, but is it as safe as it can be? Injuries and even fatalities still happen frequently in the transport industry and almost all are preventable. Clearly, you and your team need to be thinking about and acting on safe practices at work every day, but finding … Read More

Congratulations to our New COR Certified Companies

Congratulations to our new COR certified companies: T&P Trucking (pictured below) and Wescan Disposal Ltd. Both have achieved a Certificate of Recognition through SafetyDriven – Trucking Safety Council of BC! The Certificate of Recognition, or COR, acknowledges the long established truck dealership’s commitment to workplace safety. The Certification of Recognition is an initiative that recognizes and … Read More

Making Your 2019 OHS Checklist Work For You

Earlier this year we gave you a checklist of ways we can all start off 2019 safely. All the actions listed are ones with which the professional Safety Advisors at SafetyDriven – TSCBC can help you. In fact, they all play key roles in helping companies achieve Certificate of Recognition (COR) status. Tracking safety related … Read More