Our Staff

Philip Choi
Executive Director

Philip Choi

Executive Director Philip Choi

Philip joins SafetyDriven with a broad range of management experience. He has held management and leadership roles in the pharmaceutical, automotive rental, and non-profit industries.

Philip’s successes have been a product of his strong customer focus and business management skills. He believes that success in business requires research and planning, a clear strategy and structured implementation.

Philip was most recently the Senior Manager for SafetyDriven. Philip has worked with the SafetyDriven team since 2014 to help make the trucking, moving and storage, and related industries safer by making safety approachable.

Philip holds both a Master of Business Administration from the University of Saskatchewan and a Bachelor of Science from the University of British Columbia.

Garry Crawford
Occupational Health and Safety Manager

Garry Crawford

Occupational Health and Safety Manager Garry Crawford

Garry joins the SafetyDriven team with a strong background in OH&S program development, training and implementation.

Since completing his Diploma of Occupational Health and Safety from BCIT in 1994, Garry has developed safety programs, training programs and instructional manuals for Construction, Manufacturing and Heavy Equipment Industries.

Garry believes the secret of a truly successful program of any kind, is in the training, understanding and participation from upper management to those on the ground.

By drawing on his experience initiating safety programs, he offers insightful recommendations to help assist your company through its initial implementation to its eventual maintenance stage.

When not sharing experiences and knowledge, Garry enjoys playing hockey, golf, gardening, and continued learning.

Contact Garry Crawford for help with your health and safety initiatives at

Earl Galavan
COR Manager

Earl Galavan

COR Manager Earl Galavan

Earl’s background spans logging, commercial aviation, and commercial driving, with more than 20 years of road experience split between long haul van, charter coach, and intercity transit. Assuming the responsibilities of company driver instructor and coaching others to excel was a high point in his driving career as teaching is his personal passion.

Earl brings a wealth of experience in safety systems and program development and has coached numerous companies towards their Certificate of Recognition (COR). He believes that true success is a journey and is measured in the details.

Earl has a Diploma of Technology in Occupational Health and Safety from the BC Institute of Technology and is a Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP). He continues to remain connected to BCIT through mentoring OHS Program Students and sitting on the BCIT Program Advisory Committee.

In his off hours he is often sighted being walked by his dogs while trying to take yet another photograph.

Wai Wong
COR Advisor

Wai Wong

COR Advisor Wai Wong

Through a variety of experiences in the retail industry, Wai enjoys working with both customers and stakeholders alike and tries his utmost to utilize his knowledge and effective communication skills throughout his career. During his work, he was exposed to the field of Health and Safety, which resulted in his enrollment into the Occupational Health and Safety program at BCIT.

After his graduation, Wai has worked in the Healthcare industry, applying his Health and Safety knowledge by supporting staff in the workplace.

Currently, Wai joins SafetyDriven – TSCBC as a COR Advisor, which allows him to utilize his problem-solving and analytical skills gained from his previous experiences in providing support to the COR Program at SafetyDriven.

During his free time, Wai likes to spend time with his family and friends, and enjoys a variety of board games.

Contact Wai for questions regarding the COR program at:

Annette DeCaire
Membership and Marketing Coordinator

Annette DeCaire

Membership and Marketing Coordinator Annette DeCaire

Annette started her career in health and safety over 9 years ago when she joined a prominent corporate driver training company as their training coordinator. She quickly grew into management overseeing the office, attending trade shows, and meeting clients face-to-face. Since then Annette has contracted with a number of safety-based companies and non-profits, including SafetyDriven – TSCBC, where she now permanently hangs her hat. “Safety just makes sense” and it is with this mantra that Annette has found her love of the health and safety field.

During her free time, Annette volunteers at a local community theatre both behind the scenes and occasionally on stage.

Brittany Schroeder
Marketing Production Coordinator

Brittany Schroeder

Marketing Production Coordinator Brittany Schroeder

Brittany joins the SafetyDriven – TSCBC team with a high level of customer service and business administration skills. Brittany’s background includes six years managing all administrative aspects involving mutual funds for the clients of an independent financial advisor. Brittany completed her Business Administration diploma in Winnipeg, MB. During this program she volunteered at a health and safety organization working with new and young workers in Manitoba.

As Marketing Production Coordinator, Brittany is responsible for handling our website, social media, advertising and company newsletter.

During her free time she loves to play soccer, is a board member of the metro women’s soccer league board and spending time with her son.

Michelle Byun
Occupational Health and Safety Advisor

COR Advisor Michelle Byun

Occupational Health and Advisor Michelle Byun

Michelle joins SafetyDriven – TSCBC with good customer service skills, a clear understanding of Health & Safety management systems and the ability to effectively engage with others.

Michelle graduated from British Columbia Institute of Technology with both an Occupational Health and Safety Diploma and a Human Resource Management Certificate. Through her study at BCIT, she has gained valuable safety knowledge, which she now applies in her role as a COR Advisor. After for two years as a COR Advisor, Michelle has now joined the Safety Advisory Services team as an Occupational Health and Safety Advisor.

Her eye for detail, quick thinking skills, and goal-oriented enthusiasm for Occupational Health and Safety will allow her to contribute to the COR program at SafetyDriven. With her experience as a COR Advisor, she can apply her skills towards the Safety Advisory Services team and help our clients who are working on their COR certification. Michelle is excited to gain more knowledge in the real OHS world with the SAS team.

Michelle is interested in fashion and traveling to different countries to gain new experiences. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her two dogs.

Contact Michelle for help with your Health and Safety program at

Shay Ryan
Occupational Health and Safety Advisor


Health & Safety Advisor Shay Ryan

Shay has a wide range of health and safety experience having had the opportunity to work in and with a variety of industries such as transportation, warehousing, manufacturing, health and education. Shay is very familiar with the transportation industry as her father worked in the industry across Canada all his life. Eventually, Shay joined her father as a safety consultant, learning from him and gaining experience.

Shay first became familiar with SafetyDriven – TSCBC through their mentorship program, seeking OHS support as she was preparing her then employer for COR. Ultimately she became a member of the SafetyDriven Board of Directors. Shay joins SafetyDriven as an Occupational Health and Safety Advisor, now providing the OHS advice and guidance she had earlier sought.

Currently enrolled in the Occupational Health and Safety Certificate at Okanagan College, upon completion Shay will work towards her Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) designation.

During her free time, Shay enjoys traveling with her husband and spending time with family, including trying to keep up with her granddaughter.

Contact Shay for help with your Health and Safety program at

Brad Zall
Occupational Health and Safety Advisor

Brad Zall

Health and Safety Advisor Brad Zall

Brad joins the Safety Driven team with an immense knowledge of the trucking industry. He brings hands on expertise in many sectors of the industry and has an abundance of knowledge in heavy haul and fuel hauling especially.

Brad has fourteen years of experience behind the wheel. Seven of those years were spent hauling large oversize loads for the construction of major infrastructure projects throughout BC and elsewhere. He spent four years behind the wheel of a fuel truck hauling bulk petroleum products as well. In addition to that, Brad also spent 3 years doing long haul within various sectors of the industry.

Furthermore, Brad grew up in the industry and was part of the family business early on. He has a great understanding of the inner workings and operation of a trucking business. Most recently, Brad attended the BCIT Occupational Health and Safety certificate program.

Contact Brad for help with your Health and Safety program at

Jen Wolfe
Business Administrative Coordinator

Jen Wolfe

Business Administrative Coordinator Jen Wolfe

Jen joins the SafetyDriven – Trucking Safety Council of BC team with a strong background in customer service, management and business administration.

Jen’s background includes her certification in Hairdressing and Flagging. After a few years working in those fields she decided to try something new. She had an opportunity to go into the Automotive Rental Industry and stayed there for 4 years as a location manager. She then soon branched off into business administration for the last 10 years – working in the electrical, lumber, trucking and fuel industries.

While working in the electrical, trucking and fuel industry for the past 7 years, she became more interested in the health and safety of all employees, which makes this position a perfect opportunity for Jen. Even though she is our Business Administration Coordinator, she is now in the industry that she loves! Her motto is – Safety 1st!

During her free time she enjoys the outdoors walking her dog, DIY projects around the house, cooking and baking and spending time with her family and friends.

Contact Jen at