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Our SafetyDriven – TSCBC team delivers free, confidential advice, along with training, resources, advisory services and information.

As the industry Certifying Partner, approved by WorkSafeBC, we award Certificates of Recognition (COR) to employers and owner/operators who show commitment to workplace safety and effective injury management.

The primary objective of SafetyDriven™ is to represent the occupational health and safety needs of businesses in the trucking, transportation, warehousing, shipping and logistics sector. SafetyDriven™ also provide services to waste management, wholesale, retail and consumer service sectors.We do this by providing a leadership role in advocating safety improvements and conducting research on issues of safety performance to advance the standard of safety practices in our province.

Watch the SafetyDriven Intro Video:

SafetyDriven Intro Video

SafetyDriven™ delivers a variety of services to industry which support the development of sustainable, effective injury prevention and risk management programs. They include:

  • Training and education about safety issues to help control risks
  • Certification of individuals and companies through the Certification of Recognition (COR) Program
  • Research to identify incident trends and opportunities for improvement
  • Mentoring clients in helping them to develop effective health and safety programs
  • Resources and tools to help businesses with regulatory compliance and the management of safety risks
  • Developing best practice guidelines for the industry in BC.

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