Along for the ride – Story of a Driver

We all have experienced the wind. How often do we not think twice about a windy day?

One blustery day in windy Lethbridge, I bailed out of the truck in a hurry to get the trailer doors open.

I didn’t think twice when I had to get a mighty strong grip on my truck door as the wind tried to rip it out of my hands. Instead, I pulled the collar up on my jacket and headed to the back of the trailer, mumbling to myself, “It’s always windy in Lethbridge. Glad I’m not messing around with tarps today.”

I didn’t think twice about the wind and the effect it could have on the barn doors at the back of my trailer. Instead, I was taken by surprise when the wind grabbed the door from my hands and slammed it open. I had to duck quickly as the door bounced back in my direction.

So often, the wall hooks on a trailer are broken or the chain on the door is broken or missing and someone has used a piece of rope or anything else they can find to hold that door open. If I had been getting in the back of one of those trailers when the wind caught the door, this near miss could have had a completely different ending. The impact could have caused severe injury. And what if that door had smacked me in the face? I’m sure it would have been a knockout.

The point is, we all take the weather for granted and we do overlook what seem to be minor things in our daily duties. I’m now very aware of the impact that wind can have on my safety.
Instead of dismissing something that seems trivial, taking a minute to think about the bigger picture could mean the difference between you being able to work another day or being off because of an injury that clearly could have been prevented.

Take time to notice and report the little things and, if need be, point out why they are actually a big deal. Everyone you share this with will be grateful to avoid an injury as well as the paperwork and extra expense and time that goes along with it.

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