What Keeps You Motivated to Drive?

We do our best every day. Most days it goes unnoticed, but we keep doing it. Some days it’s harder than others, but that doesn’t stop us. It’s who we are as a person. In many ways, being a commercial driver seems like it’s a thankless job when we’re on the road, but it’s a job that’s needed within our society. So, what keeps us going; to do our best each day to make it to our destination? Our mental well being. But what if we’re not feeling our best? What if our mental attitude has taken a turn for the worst and we’re not feeling motivated to be at our best?

It’s often been said that no one can motivate us. Only we can motivate ourselves. That’s mostly true, but there is some fine print. So, what motivates you to do a good job? Is it money, a good reputation, knowing you’re making a difference or is it something personal? Whichever your reason, it works for you. Never let a total stranger take that away from you. Although motivation is an inside job, we can take advice from others to see things in a different light.

The act of driving a commercial vehicle can sometimes be taken for granted by others. Other road users will retaliate to the issue of you needing extra space to either make turns or do a lane change. It can sometimes feel de-motivational. But don’t let that ruin your day. When it comes to having a bad day, it’s more like a bad moment in that day. Why let one bad moment ruin your professionalism of reaching your destination safely or to ruin your day completely? It doesn’t have to be that way.

During heavy traffic it seems that drivers on the road become less and less patient. Everything that happens negatively around them, they take personally. This means that as a commercial driver, the fact that you need more space to maneuver your vehicle they feel it’s personally against them that you’re trying to give you a difficult time. That’s a tough attitude to deal with, but let it go. They may cut you off or attempt to block your move. It’s not worth the frustration it causes you to act upon it. You’re better than that and you know it. You drive for a living. You have more motivation to be a better driver than they do.

If you get cut off a few times during a run, how do you take it? The drivers who did it failed to realize a commercial vehicle has larger blind spots around the vehicle. They most likely failed to realize the heavy load a commercial vehicle is carrying means a longer stopping distance. Adjusting to these driver’s actions is part of a daily routine. It’s almost like it’s a test each time you drive. A test you know you pass with flying colours each day. That’s motivation to keep driving well, because you know you can do this.

Realizing you know you did the best job and avoided conflict as best you could and did not retaliate to another driver’s foolishness behind the wheel should never be forgotten. So, whatever motivates you to do a good job, keep those thoughts inside you. It what keeps you motivated.

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