A Picture or Video is Worth a Thousand Words

Videos showcased at our Speaker Series in Prince George, BC!

 Meet Joe, Donna, and Arvind, the stars of three new short videos produced by WorkSafeBC. They are ordinary people whose jobs as commercial truck drivers play a core role in their happy, stable lives—until injury strikes. Suddenly, things aren’t so rosy. We see how one moment of inattention or carelessness can utterly change someone’s world.

 Without giving too much away, I assure you that there’s a clever twist to the plots and the stories end happily after all, but not before underlining the point that professional drivers need to remember what can happen if they don’t look after themselves on the job.

 What makes these videos work so well is that the characters are diverse and reflect real life. Joe is a short-haul driver, Donna is a delivery driver, and Arvind is a long-haul driver. They look like the people next door, not like actors or models.  They are married or not, have kids or don’t, deal with nagging mothers, whining teens, and annoying ex-spouses. They turn a few stereotypes around, too: hardworking, responsible single mom Donna is also a party girl who enjoys her nights out. Burly, tattooed Joe’s best friend is his tiny pooch.

 On-the-job safety can never be overstressed. According to the report Truck drivers: Time-loss claims in B.C., this province saw over 20,700 time-loss claims from truck drivers and 131 work-related deaths from 2008 to 2017. Sobering statistics. SafetyDriven and WorkSafeBC are trying to change that by providing education, information, and a multitude of resources focused on worker safety, including Joe, Donna, and Arvind’s stories.

 So grab some popcorn and settle back to enjoy these entertaining and educational videos:

 What do the critics say? One Youtube viewer of Arvind’s Story commented: “This has to be the best 3 points of contact video I have ever seen! Well done.”

 So while Oscars may not be in the cards, I guarantee you’ll come away with a smile and something important to think about.

 Don’t forget to check out associated safety resources available online, including:

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