Driver Appreciation Pop-up, Wrap-up

Here at SafetyDriven, we value and respect commercial drivers so much that we couldn’t keep our driver appreciation event to just one week.
During our official Driver Appreciation Week, September 3 to 6, held alongside National Trucking Week, we welcomed commercial drivers at our office in Langley with an outdoor barbeque featuring beef and veggie burgers, hot dogs, cookies, drinks, and all the trimmings.

The event was so popular, we wanted to reach out to even more drivers, so we extended the barbeque to a second location, the Chevron Commercial Cardlock at 2859 41b St, Delta, on September 17 and 18, hosted by Stampede Distribution.

In addition to lunch, drivers received small appreciation gifts.

“Every commercial driver who stopped by was offered a small package that included tri-fold cards with safety information and a SafetyDriven pen,” said Brad Zall, occupational health and safety advisor at SafetyDriven. “The safety information included topics like 3-point contact, stretching techniques, fatigue management, worksite safety, and personal protective equipment.”

According to Brad, the event was a collaboration by all departments and team members at SafetyDriven.

“The goal of the event was to show our appreciation for commercial drivers. In addition, it was important to spread awareness of SafetyDriven and our available resources for commercial drivers.”

“The most common question asked by drivers was, What is SafetyDriven? This gave our health and safety advisors the opportunity to inform commercial drivers of the available resources SafetyDriven has to offer in addition to who we are as an organization.”

Brad sees the appreciation event as a great success.

“We received an immense amount of positive feedback. Many drivers were impressed with the effort we put into offering free and great-tasting burgers and hot dogs.”

Happily, drivers can look forward to more such events.

“SafetyDriven will continue to have this event next year,” said Brad. “We are currently planning for future events and the plan is to increase the number of events overall in the coming year.”

Upcoming events like Driver Appreciation Week are always posted on the SafetyDriven website at, so check it out regularly!

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