SafetyDriven: Making Safety Easier

You’re a transport professional. You know that there’s no excuse for accidents, injuries, and the resulting vehicle or worker downtime. You understand that trucking, moving, and storage companies have a powerful partner in safety.

But being in charge of a busy fleet means you don’t have time to waste searching for safety information. You need accessible, practical resources geared to your industry, tools to help you identify issues, solve problems, communicate with your workers, and create a safe workplace.

SafetyDriven-Trucking Safety Council of BC is your best source for leadership, education, and certification relating to safety within the transport sector, as well as for free key resources online. We safety courses, training videos, templates, and more to make your company safer.

SafetyDriven recognizes the specific challenges faced by managers and supervisors and has put together a set of valuable resources to suit each position. These include:

  • Health & Safety Tools for Managers and Supervisors: “Managers and supervisors play a crucial leadership role in making sure that all employees know that health and safety are top priorities in the day-to-day lives of everyone in the company…. Try convincing an employee they need to make health and safety a priority in their day when you can’t find the tool they need to accomplish that goal.”
  • New and Young Worker Orientations: WorkSafeBC’s regulation lists 13 topics that must be covered when orienting a new or young worker. Do you know what they are?
  • Employer Incident Investigation Report: Save time and money by using the EIIR template to create required incident investigation reports.
  • Guide to Completing an Employer Incident Investigation Report
  • A Roadmap for Canada’s Trucking Employers to Recruit and Retain Millennials: A detailed exploration of how companies can find and keep young workers.
  • Safety Policy Statement Template: Write a safety policy statement outlining principles, management commitments, and supervisor, worker, and worker representative responsibilities,
  • Site Inspection – Workplace Transport Checklist: A guide to what to consider when trying to reduce the risk from vehicles in the workplace.
  • Supervising for Health and Safety: “The supervisor’s attitude influences how workers approach and practice safety on the job…. Effective supervisors are intentional and purposeful in promoting health and safety.”
  • Managing Safety from the Supervisor’s Perspective
  • Worker Competence Assessment Checklist
  • Safe Work Practices and Procedures
  • Hazard Observation Checklist
  • How To – Worksite Inspection Report
  • A Guide to Using WorkSafeBC Resources and Industry Best Practices

These resources and more are part of the ToolKit for Manager and ToolKit for Supervisor, which you can download through SafetyDriven’s Manager and Supervisor webpage.

Choosing safety is always the smart thing to do, and SafetyDriven paves the way for safer work across the transport industry.

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