So You Want To Be A Professional Driver This Summer

Many trucking jobs are seasonal in nature, especially during the spring and summer. Some of these jobs are in the food industry and involve the delivery of fresh fruit and vegetables in BC’s interior. Some are in the moving industry and still others are in the furniture and appliance industry.

Let’s look at the requirements to fill these seasonal jobs across the province.

In BC the requirements for a receiving a Class 1 commercial driver’s licence include such things as: age, driving experience and driving record. According to ICBC, anyone seeking a Class 1 commercial licence in BC must be 19-years of age and possess a ‘full-privilege’ BC driver’s licence (or out-of-province equivalent).

Drivers must also have a commercial driving record with less than four penalty point incidents in the previous two years and no driving-related criminal convictions within the last three years.

Once these prerequisites are satisfied, successful passing of a knowledge test, road signs test, completion of an air brakes course and the successful completion of a commercial road test is required which includes:

• A pre-trip inspection test
• A road test
• A driver’s medical exam

Sounds like a lot of work … and it is. But it is worthwhile when your safety and the safety of those with whom you share the road is concerned.

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