Health & Safety Tools For Managers and Supervisors

While managers and supervisors have many responsibilities in any organization, their role in the health and safety equation is an especially important one. Managers and supervisors play a crucial leadership role in making sure that all employees know that health and safety are top priorities in the day-to-day lives of everyone in the company.

We’ve said it before (We Have The Tools You Need ) but the Manager & Supervisor Tools section of the SafetyDriven – TSCBC website is worth checking out and keeping as a ready link.

Playing that leadership role takes more than verbally committing to the importance of health and safety. It takes organization, record keeping, and having all the appropriate documentation and other tools of a top-notch health and safety program readily available.

Try convincing an employee they need to make health and safety a priority in their day when you can’t find the tool they need to accomplish that goal.

In the Manager & Supervisor Tools section you will find a large selection of easily accessible and downloadable tools that will make your job easier.

Managers will find tailor-made information sheets and record keeping templates on everything from policy statements, responsibilities of employers, supervisors and employees (both company and legislated safety) health and safety orientation, to safe warehouse management and supervision as well as a guide on how to complete an Employer Incident Investigation Report.

Supervisors can find record keeping checklists on topics from worker competence assessment, return to work, and hazard observation as well as a series of handy information sheets on a large variety of topics from training and orientation to managing safety and a guide to using WorkSafeBC resources and industry best practices.

All of these tools and many more are in one easy-to-access and easy-to-use location and can be downloaded, used and saved for your health and safety program.

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