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Workers’ Compensation for Interjurisdictional Motor Carriers


Interjurisdictional truck or motor coach operations also registered as employers with WorkSafeBC are reminded that: (1) WorkSafeBC has an Alternative Assessment Procedure that simplifies coverage for BC drivers operating into other provinces (apply by February 28); but (2) BC carriers with drivers who live in other provinces must also register those drivers with the workers’ compensation boards in each driver’s home province.

WorkSafeBC coverage does not automatically include claims made by drivers injured while working outside BC, and employers may not learn this until a driver makes an out-of-province claim. In fact, every workers’ compensation board in Canada requires an out-of-province carrier to pay premiums for each driver who travels in or through their province or territory.

However, the various boards have jointly agreed to an Alternative Assessment Procedure for Interjurisdictional Trucking that allows employers to receive the same benefits in each province where your company operates but pay premiums in the province in which your workers live and usually work.

The AAP does not cover workers who live outside BC; it is meant to facilitate coverage only for workers who must travel outside BC for work. Under the AAP, WorkSafeBC will notify workers’ compensation boards in other provinces where you are not registered that you are participating in the AAP and paying your premiums here for drivers working within their boundaries.

If you are not already participating in the AAP and would like to, you can switch to the AAP at the beginning of each calendar year (deadline for applications is February 28 each year).

For complete details and an application form, visit WorkSafeBC’s website to download the AAP guidelines and application form. If you have drivers who live in a province other than BC and also drive professionally in other provinces, see Example 2 on the second page of the guide to learn more about how AAP applies to you.

Motor coach companies (charter bus as well as “land, scenic and sightseeing” transportation) are also eligible to participate in the AAP.

If you have questions, please contact the WorkSafeBC Employer Service Centre toll-free at 1-888-922-2768, local 6181, or 604-244-6181, Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

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