Holiday Season and the Increase in Traffic

With an increase in truck traffic, driver health and safety take on even more importance in managing a modern trucking operation. Whether you are an owner/operator or managing a fleet of professional drivers, today’s trucking companies are more conscious than ever of the importance of health and safety in their operations.

There are several factors leading to an increase in truck traffic on our roads.

1) Localized issues can affect traffic patterns.

2) Regional issues can have a large impact on traffic patterns across the province and across the Country. Increased traffic on Highway 1 through the Fraser Valley, one of the most traveled sections of highway in Canada, has caused the B.C. government to establish the widening of Highway 1 as a priority.

3) Societal change – as people move from the shopping mall to online shopping, they need their purchases delivered to them.

All these factors lead to increased demands on the trucking profession. Increased traffic and higher demand for quick and even same-day delivery, mean higher pressure on drivers. Issues such as fatigue and distracted driving can become more prevalent. Workplace safety issues such as site safety, manual material handling, risk assessment and general employee wellness take on new significance.

Safety Driven – TSCBC makes it easy for Professional Drivers to find and use the necessary tools and resources to deal with the increased pressures and demands they may face these days.

Online and In-Class courses, commercial vehicle safety tools and resources, workplace safety materials and innovative tools like our one-on-one safety program development service to provide opportunities for the trucking industry in B.C. to keep driver health and safety as a top priority.

We want you to stay safe in your profession and, as always, look forward to helping you achieve your safety goals. Book an appointment and come talk to us. Coffee’s on us!

Happy Holidays!

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