COR Audit Reminder

For our Certificate of Recognition Program (COR) companies – we would like to remind you that your Maintenance audit is due by the end of the year and for those companies completing a Re-certification audit please check your expiry date and try to schedule your audit ahead of time to reduce any difficulties. Please use current audit document and Notice of Audit (NOA) form from our SafetyDriven website.

If you would like to know your expiry date, please contact us or you can visit WorkSafeBC website ( – Other services – COR employers & certifying partners – Select British Columbia Trucking Association – Search by your company name.

The Audit Timelines document is a summarized version of our audit timelines, consequences and strategies. Please plan ahead of time for your audit every year to avoid any delays.

What is the COR Program: The Health and Safety Certificate of Recognition (COR) program is a voluntary program that recognizes employers that are proactive about improving workplace safety, and dedicated to continual improvement. COR is earned by employers who successfully meet a set of audit standards.

If you are not currently registered with the COR program or would like to obtain more information visit our website or contact our office at 1-877-414-8001.

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