Keep Cool

It’s the dog days of summer, and the temperature outside is roasty! Our bodies appreciate a median temperature of about 21 degrees Celsius, and with temperatures regularly soaring into the 30’s during the summer, it takes a great deal of energy for our bodies to maintain that ideal temperature.

Here are 8 tips to help you keep your cool this summer.

1. Dress in natural fibers. Lightweight, natural fibers breathe more easily, and therefore allow your skin to breathe. Stay away from synthetics like polyester, but instead opt for natural fabrics like cotton and linen. Clothes that fit more loosely are more comfortable and cooling than tighter-fitting clothes, and lighter colours are likewise cooler than darker ones.

2. Go spicy! Try eating spicy foods that contain peppers or chilies. They increase your core body temperature, and then you feel cooler. The same principle applies to hot beverages like coffee or tea.

3. Cool it down with a lukewarm shower. Most people will try to get cool by taking a cold shower, but while it may cool you down initially, the effects will be much more long-term if you take a luke-warm shower, somewhere around 33 degrees Celsius. This is because our bodies are constantly trying to regulate our internal temperature by increasing or decreasing blood flow just under our skin. A cold shower eventually has the opposite effect that we want it to.

4. Hydrate! It’s important to drink lots of water. In the summer, we sweat more, as that’s our way of maintaining temperature and keeping cool. That means we lose water through sweat, and it needs to be replaced. Be aware that the effects of both caffeine and alcohol are dehydrating upon the body, so watch how much you drink, and be sure to consume extra water if you have a few beers.

5. Eat popsicles! Yup, your childhood favorite treat is actually great for you as an adult as well! You see, when you eat something frozen, like a popsicle or ice cream, the frozen treat absorbs heat from your stomach. It, in effect, cools you from the outside in. Eating a frozen treat actually cools you down three times more than drinking the equivalent amount of cold water!

6. Freeze your sheets. If sleeping at night is challenging because you can’t get cool enough to drop off, place your sheets in the freezer or refrigerator before bed. Alternatively, take an ice pack wrapped in a towel to bed with you.

7. Try Chrysanthemum Tea. Used for thousands of years as a herbal remedy in China, Chrysanthemum Tea has cooling properties. It’s a popular beverage to drink in the summer in China for its cooling benefits.

8. Try Yogic Breathing. Sitali Pranayama is known as “the cooling breath.” Supposedly, drawing air across the tongue is supposed to have a cooling effect on the body. To do: curl your tongue into a ‘straw’ by folding it up lengthwise. Extend your tongue out of your mouth, and breathe in through the ‘straw.’ Click here to learn how.

Enjoy the rest of your summer! Stay cool, and we’ll see you at the beach!

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