Are You Ready For The Heat?

While the rest of the country is planting its first seeds in the summer garden, BC has already had a couple of heat waves.

Heat Wave Hits Metro Vancouver
Another heat wave extends the threat of flooding in B.C.

Tourism operators and sunscreen manufacturers may get excited when heat waves are predicted, responsible trucking operators know how to prepare for what can be a worrisome and even treacherous phenomena.

Heat waves provide their own set of challenges to trucking companies and operators. It’s worth setting some time aside to prepare for the inevitable challenges ahead this summer.

Safety Driven – TSCBC has written about this before.

Annette DeCaire wrote, in 2015, “You may ask, “So what’s the big deal about staying hydrated? Staying hydrated will help keep your energy level up, reduce stress and help prevent headaches. Every process in your body requires water, so keep your water intake up when the weather heats up!”

From a mechanical point of view, you’re going to want to check and keep an eye on your radiator coolant.

In addition to technical preparations for heat, it’s a good idea to plan ahead so you can reduce the risk and cost of heat:
• Charge your phone
• Wear light clothing
• Leave early
• Water/liquid on hand
• Healthy snacks

In 2014 Safety Driven – TSCBC posted Summer Heat, a series of tips for dealing with extreme heat.

“Staying cool in the summer takes more than turning up the air conditioning. Any time you are out of your machine and working in the heat, the water lost through sweat will need to be replaced. And if you are not using air conditioning, water losses can reach a liter per hour or more”

As always; Safety Driven – TSCBC offers several resources and our professional Safety Advisers are available for consultation and are more than willing and able to help you get ready for the challenges of summer heat in BC.

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