Knee Pain And What To Do About It

As a professional driver, odds are that you develop knee pain at some point in your career. Hours of sitting in a cramped space or holding the same position for any length of time tends to cause wear and tear.

A good start to preventing knee pain is by making sure your seat is adjusted properly for your body. This may sound like a simple thing to do but it is important that the back of your knees don’t hit the front of your seat, thereby putting pressure on your muscles and tendons. Also make sure that your seat is at the correct height for you so that you reach the foot pedals comfortably.

Pay attention to how you enter and exit your truck cab. Use a three-point contact in order to minimize wear and tear on the knee. SafetyDriven has provided a ‘free to members’ guide to a three-point contact, you can access it by clicking here.

If you are not yet a SafetyDriven – TSCBC member, you can become one by clicking here.

An important thing to remember when you have exited your cab; do some stretches to loosen your knees.

One simple exercise is to stand straight, lift your foot behind you and grab your foot with your hand. This stretches your muscles and tendons around your knee. Hold this pose for 15 or 20 seconds and then do the same with your other foot.

Another simple exercise that benefits your knees is to stand straight, legs together and then bend forward and hold that pose for 30 seconds. Come back up.

You can repeat these exercises a few times and remember to do them each time you exit your cab to give your knees a bit of a break.

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