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Mental Illness Affects One in Five Canadians

According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, mental illness will affect one in five Canadians at some point in their lives. That means, if you look around you at work, out of every five co-workers, one of you will face mental health issues at some point.

For professional drivers, people who tend to be alone long stretches at a time, this can become a very lonely problem.

One American driver has started a blog called Trucker Therapy. Not only does it deal with what we think of as mental illness, it also addresses common problems professional drivers face such as anger, stress and relationship problems. Though Skype and phone coaching can only be offered to drivers who live in Indiana, there is also a blog you can follow as well as a Facebook page.

There does not currently appear to be a Canadian equivalent site available. Which is unfortunate since professional drivers do not have the 9-to-5 schedule other people in the workforce have and it can be a challenge not only to schedule appointments but to keep them as well. As navigating the roads takes mental sharpness, talking about mental health and mental illness is important, not only in this industry but at every workplace.

WorksafeBC is promoting the annual The Bottom Line Conference, which will be held in Vancouver on March 13th and 14th of this year and is put on by the Canadian Mental Heath Association. The conference aims to improve mental health in Canadian workplaces. For more information and to sign up, please click here.

If you feel you may be the one out of five experiencing problems associated with a mental illness, talk to your supervisor and get on the road to mental health or visit our website for more resources here.

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