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Have you checked through SafetyDriven’s Manager and Supervisor tools lately? SafetyDriven launched this campaign in 2017, and it warrants a closer look.

Manager and supervisors have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders, the biggest one being how to keep their workers safe. The most effective way to do this is by utilizing the tools we put in a very user-friendly format for you.

For managers, we’ve provided you with a clear layout sheet; how to keep records; easy-to-follow orientation checklist; and a new employee orientation. And, finishing off, an informative blog about new and young worker orientations.

In the supervisor toolbox we put handy links; recordkeeping information; useful information sheets; orientation check lists; and we finished this one off as well with an informative blog.

The manager folder download has templates and checklists that will make your life easier and more productive. It contains:
• a contractor pre-qualifying form
• an employer incident investigation report
• a guide to completing an employer incident investigation report
• managing and supervising safely warehouse
• a meeting minute template
• a new employee orientation
• an orientation checklist
• an orientation guide; a policy statement template
• responsibilities (both company and legislated safety)
• a site inspection workplace transport checklist and, finally;
• a trucking HR Canada Youth report.

As you can see this is very detailed and covers everything you need. The toolkit for Supervisor Tools is as packed with information specifically geared to help them.

The important thing is that you find a way to use the tools at your disposal. That’s where we come in. SafetyDriven’s team is a professionally trained group of health and safety experts whose purpose is to help you achieve your health and safety goals.

Find us at and begin your journey to a healthier and safer workplace today.

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