Healthy Drivers are Safer Drivers – Right?

There is a lot of talk in commercial trucking these days about driver wellness. You’ve heard it; phrases such as ‘sitting is the new smoking’, or ‘drivers have terrible diets’. It’s important to remember that these phrases are often just that, talk, and often lack any solid evidence behind them. For instance; not all drivers have terrible diets, and many drivers are quite committed to regular exercise to avoid the hazards of sitting for hours on end.

SafetyDriven is hoping to change the impressions some people have by teaming up with researchers from the University of Northern BC and across Canada. We will be looking at health promotion and protection for drivers and sharing what is being done to help commercial drivers stay safe and healthy.

It’s easy to talk about the health risks of poor diets, long hours of sitting, and flexible, fluctuating and often long work schedules but we’ll be trying to determine what the real effects of these working conditions are for drivers. More importantly, we’ll be looking at what we in the industry are doing about it. This study will ask both companies and drivers to participate in the process so that you will have your say.

Having information about our industry gathered and evaluated in a scientific manner will help identify best practices and help suggest better practices. Our hope is to move beyond ‘just talk,’ and make safe, healthy driving a fact.
Keep watching our blog and newsletter in the New Year for more information on how you can participate.

Earl Galavan

About Earl Galavan

Earl has more than 20 years of road experience. He started with long haul, but working with people was more interesting than packages, so he spent most of his time on the buses eventually becoming a driver instructor during his last five years ...

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