How To Use A Roundabout – Part 2

Many people have the following pet peeve. It’s that a lot of drivers do not use their turn signals in a roundabout. Why do they not indicate where they intend to go? You do everywhere else.

In the first blog posted on SafetyDriven on how to use a roundabout, it clearly states that, when you are leaving the roundabout, use your turn signal to let drivers and pedestrians know where you intend to go. And it makes sense that you would want to let other drivers know where you are going. While roundabouts are deemed safer, it is never a good idea to assume others know what you are planning to do.

Here is some very logical information posted on TranBC, which has to do with using turn signals in roundabouts. Give it a read.

When entering roundabout: activate signal corresponding with the exit you plan on taking.

  • First exit (typically a right turn) = right turn signal
  • Second exit (typically going straight through roundabout) = No signal
  • Third exit (typically a left turn) = left turn signal

When exiting roundabout: activate right turn signal

It seems almost too easy. Indicate where you want to go!

There are a lot of traffic circles in the city of Vancouver alone. It seems almost every neighbourhood has them.  They are installed because they slow down drivers and reduce collisions. But you still have to use your turn signals when in a roundabout.

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