Mentorship Program

There are several perks to being a member of SafetyDriven – TSCBC. Take the mentorship program for example.

SafetyDriven advisors are industry experts and offer you their knowledge and experience for free and in confidence. SafetyDriven advisors are ready to answer questions from employers, managers, and owner-operators.

Below are some of the benefits of our mentorship program.

  • Free to SafetyDriven Members
  • Receive a confidential Safety Evaluation of your business
  • Free helpline support
  • Access to an extensive list of tools and resources
  • Make your company more competitive by reducing costly incidents, business interruptions and claims costs
  • Position your company as a safe employer and responsible member of our industry

Why do we do this you ask?

Simple answer is that there was a need for us. SafetyDriven -TSCBC was created to address the high personal and economic costs of work-related injury and death in the trucking industry. We exist to keep you safe and we have proven ways of doing just that. It’s all free for members and all confidential and without judgement.

When you take advantage of our membership program you will see that we are a pretty dedicated bunch who love nothing more than keeping you safe and helping your achieve a better bottom line. With each COR certification we give out, with each program we book, we like to think that we lower the injury statistics just that little bit more. Knowledge is power. And there is nothing more powerful than remaining safe and going home at the end of your shift.


Contact us today, get to know us, and if you are already a member, come check and see all we can do for you today.

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