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Got Them Apps?

Parking used to be a pain in the behind for truckers.
As technology has gotten better over the years, it has improved the lives of truck drivers. Some apps one can download are simply brilliant. Take, for example, the Park My Truck App and the Trucker Path App. Both can be downloaded from the App Store (Apple) and from Google Play.

What a GPS does not provide you with, these apps do. The Park My Truck App allows you to find safe, available parking spaces for your truck at over 5,000 truck stops. Instead of just letting you know where trucks can park, this app will tell you if there is room for your truck at those locations. Game changer! Download it here on iTunes or here on Google Play.

The Trucker Path app does this as well, but also offers additional info for drivers: statuses of weigh stations, fuel prices, car wash facilities that are specialized for trucks and repair shops. And as of July of this year, Trucker Path has lined up debt funding so they can start paying truckers right after they deliver their load so the drivers don’t have to wait to get paid anymore. All these things are geared towards making life easier for a trucker and could shave off a bit of time from your busy life. The Trucker Path can be downloaded here on iTunes or here on Google Play.

While mostly US-based, it only makes sense that this will continue to grow in Canada and it will be interesting to watch as more companies jump on this bandwagon and life becomes easier for truckers.

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