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New Notification Process for Missing Commercial Vehicle Drivers

BCTA 2017-10-23 14:04

BCTA and fellow trucking associations across Canada now have a coordinated process for sharing notifications from members in the rare case when a professional commercial vehicle driver goes missing on the job.

Missing Driver Notifications are a community service BCTA developed for members as well as non-members in the motor carrier industry, at the recommendation of our Board of Directors. There is no cost for this service, but requests for assistance must meet the following criteria, and carriers should be ready to provide the details listed.


  • Must be a current missing commercial driver (within last week)
  • Must be a commercial driver who went missing while on duty
  • Driver must have been reported missing to the police

Information needed

  • Name and physical description of the driver (gender, height, weight, hair colour, eye colour, clothing, any identifying marks)
  • Name and contact information of the company
  • Description of tractor, trailer and cargo (make, model, colour, decals and all licence plate numbers)
  • Police detachment location, phone number and file number
  • Photographs of driver and truck
  • Last known location of missing driver and truck
  • Last known date, time, location and method of contact with missing driver
  • Immediate notification when driver is found (BCTA will not share private information regarding the circumstances without company authorization)

Notification process

If the last known location of the missing driver is within British Columbia, BCTA will distribute a notification with the details above to members and contacts, including other provincial trucking associations (we will send direct e-mails to members on the BCTA Amber Alert distribution list as well as through BCTA’s social media accounts). Members may share the notification with their drivers and other staff, as appropriate.

When a driver’s last known location is outside of BC, we will share the notification via social media and to other provincial trucking associations, depending on location details.

BCTA Missing Driver Notification contacts

Primary: BCTA Operations Coordinator Jennifer Cameron, 604-888-5319 or (toll-free in BC) 1-800-565-2282, ext. 212, or send the information requested via e-mail to

Secondary: In Jennifer’s absence, contact BCTA Member Services Coordinator Sandra Stashuk, at 604-888-5319 or (toll-free in BC) 1-800-565-2282, ext. 215, or
If you have questions about this new process, please contact Jennifer.


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