Safeguarding Your Investment

You are your own boss. You own your rig and bid for contracts, you do the driving, paperwork, taxes …

As you wear all the hats at your small business, what are you doing to stay safe? If you get hurt, so does your business.

You would be amazed at the people who think they are perfectly safe as they have done their work for years and nothing has ever happened.
We say ‘yet’.

Safety is not just about making sure you have your rig insured, do a walk-around before driving off, checking tire pressure, have snow chains and having your mirrors set correctly.
It’s not just about making sure that your rig is mechanically sound either.

Even if you are wearing all the hats, as an owner/operator, SafetyDriven can help you not only stay safe but improve your bottom line.

How do we do this? By helping you get COR certified. Through the process of COR certification you become safer, and you reduce your costs through less downtime and lower WorksafeBC premiums by up to 50%.

We know … you don’t have time.

We’ve accounted for that. We create programs around your needs and provide you with all the necessary tools you need in order to get COR. We might even bring the coffee.

COR demonstrates your commitment to health and safety.

With the incentives WorkSafeBC COR certified companies enjoy, you can:

  1. Reduce costs
  2. Be more competitive
  3. Increase your productivity
  4. Invest in your business

Don’t forget the impact COR certification can have on your customers. COR certification demonstrates to current and potential customers that you are committed to health and safety and provides a strong indication that you can be relied on to deliver their goods safely and on-time.

You will also be able to bid on contracts with companies, which insist on dealing with COR certified partners.

We’ll work as hard as you do to safeguard your investment. Call us at 1-877-414-8001 or email us at

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