COR – Don’t Let The Details Get You

Did you know that there are processes and deadlines associated with COR, and it is important you understand and follow them?

You could put your certification at risk without realizing it, simply by missing a few COR details, such as dropping a process or missing a deadline associated with a COR audit. All it could take is a change of safety person or manager who is not familiar with the COR process.

Imagine you bring in a new (safety) manager. It is easy for him/her to make COR a low priority if he or she is not familiar with the process. You think all is well. If your company is working in a maintenance audit year, things may remain well for a while. However, if you are in a certification year, there is a fixed audit date. There are deadlines to meet.

“All it could take (to lose your COR) is a change of safety person or manager who is not familiar with the COR process.”

By the time these deadlines are noticed, it may be too late to do anything about it. Which means, you would lose your COR certification. You lose your incentive payment and that hurts. But even more serious, you may lose potential work if your contract requires you to have COR.

Avoid these potential pitfalls by contacting SafetyDriven . We make it easy for you to understand deadlines and processes around COR certification.

Check out our online resources, and our complete mentorship program to help you succeed.

Call us at 604-888-2242 and ask. It’s as simple as that.

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