What Will Make You Decide To Get COR?

One of the big questions employers face is: should safety come before productivity? COR certified Companies might just answer ‘both.’ Let’s explore why.

COR companies often see the benefit of:

  • Reduced exposure to fines, or legal action
  • Cost savings through loss reduction
  • Improved productivity and efficiency
  • Enhanced reputation with stakeholders

While workers often see:

  • Fewer injuries, illness and fatalities
  • Less fatigue, stress and violence

Any of these benefits are what good managers work for so it is fair to say that getting COR is just good management of the company. By avoiding the direct and indirect costs related to accidents everyone wins. WorkSafeBC will even help you to lower costs while at the same time upping safety by making you eligible for a10% rebate on your premiums when you qualify for your COR.

As well, some of the projects a company wishes to bid on require COR. So this may be another reason for getting it.
What will make you decide to get COR?

Contact one of our safety advisors to talk about getting COR certified.

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