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Slow and Steady Isn’t as Safe as You Might Think!

Have you ever noticed how often drivers insist on staying in the fast lane but aren’t keeping the posted speed limit?

They probably think that they are driving safely and seem completely oblivious to the traffic backing up behind them. They are actually creating potentially serious driving hazards. Think about the times you’ve been stuck behind someone driving in the fast lane but below the posted speed…’ve flashed your lights and even honked your horn and get no response. As your irritation grows, you are not concentrating on what else is going on around you. Your focus is now just figuring out a way to get by the slow driver so you look for that escape to change lanes. You’re definitely not thinking that the effect is the same for the drivers stuck behind you too!

You see a chance to get out of your lane but did you see the other drivers changing lanes too? As you jockey for position, you get angrier and even less focussed. All you want to do is to pass the slow driver and show them a thing or two (usually a hand gesture).

Finally, you’re in the clear but, how long does it take you to calm down? Until your anger goes away, you’re not concentrating on driving and have actually become a hazard yourself. This pattern will be repeated every time you get stuck behind a slow driver so, maybe you need to re-think your reaction to it. It won’t be easy but you will be safer. You can’t control other drivers but you can control your reaction to their poor driving habits. Keep calm and drive on!

Shay Ryan

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