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What’s that called?

Reprinted from February 19, 2016

Did you know that the COR program is also called the Partners Program? Technically, it’s called the Partners in Injury and Disability Prevention Program.

WorkSafeBC has a division of employees that administer the Partners Program, and provide oversight for all of the certifying partners in BC, who in turn administer what is commonly called COR.

If you want to check out the Partners Program webpage, please see here. Alternately, when you open the WorkSafeBC website, click the Insurance tab and then click Partners Program (COR) in the blue box at the top left corner. Once the Partners Program page opens, there are quite a few links, program details, and information sheets available for you to peruse.

Possibly the most important item located at the Partners Program page is the Standards & Guidelines (S&G). The January 2011 version, and two addendums, are available for anyone to read, review, or save to their computer.

At this point in time, the S&G is the COR rulebook. If you have ever wondered how any aspect of the COR program works, Standards & Guidelines are where you will find them.

For more information on SafetyDriven -TSCBC’s COR program, go here.

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