Wellness on the Road

“New Year – New You”

That seems to be the popular catch phrase as we embark into a new year. While that line may get old, it does still provide an opportunity for many of us to make improvements, whether we are on the road or, in the office.

When looking at making improvements in our wellbeing, we often look to two different areas. One is the physical activity and the other is a healthy diet.

Wellness on the Road 1Both of these are challenging for a professional truck driver. But they are not impossible.

Let’s start with physical activity.

Becoming active is a challenge for anybody, especially for someone just starting out. One approach to becoming active is starting out slow. For example; you can start going for walks before you start jogging.

Another option is joining a gym. This option is great for anyone, even for long haul drivers who could find a gym along their route. There are several gyms in Canada and the USA, which operate 24-hours-a-day and have multiple locations. A membership with a franchise will give you an opportunity to visit various locations along your route.

The other component of wellness is improving your diet.

It’s so easy to get take-out or enjoy something that tastes good, but it usually has so many calories, that it has a negative impact on your health.

Wellness on the Road 2One approach to improving your diet, which is gaining popularity in recent years, is meal preparation. The best thing about meal preparation is that most of the food is prepared during an off-day so you simply pick up the pre-packaged meal for any day.

There are several books and websites available to help start your meal preparation. That way you can change it up by having herb and garlic chicken one day, or lemon pepper cod another day. The choices are up to you.

Starting something new is a challenge for anyone. By starting with something simple like a walk, you will notice that you can carry out the activity for a longer duration. With some will power, and keeping up with your wellness initiatives, you will notice a better mood and more energy.

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