Health and Safety Legislation

Federal or Provincial; which Health and Safety Legislation do you fall under?

Working in Canada means every employer falls under one of two types of health and safety legislation: Federal or Provincial.

The following is not meant to be a complete breakdown, just a brief summary. Further information can be found by contacting our offices.

If your company operates within BC alone, they would fall under the Provincial Workers’ Compensation Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation.

If your company travels interprovincial or over the Canada/USA border, they would fall under the Federal Canada Labour Code, Part 2.

There are several requirements that vary between the two pieces of legislation, one of which include the structure of joint committees basedbalance-1300334_640 on employer size and the number of meetings each year.

You can find more information on each piece of legislation through their respective websites or by speaking with one of our safety advisors.

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