Violence in the Workplace

Unexpected, but you can be prepared

As we move into a new year, it is good to consider some of the changes that were brought in  a couple of years ago, notably, BC’s new anti-bullying guidelines and policies.  They address the issues of internal bullying or violent activity between workers but it is good to consider external sources of violence that can affect your workplace.  Family or personal issues can spill over and carry threatening behaviours or worse onto the job.

bully-1061363_1280Having a worker whose attendance, production, or behaviour become suddenly substandard can be a warning sign of personal difficulties.  When this impacts the performance of the business it becomes an issue that must be dealt with by a supervisor or manager.  The question is how much can or should be done, and what help would be accepted.  These answers could take up several books and still be incomplete but a good video guide for supervisors can be found at YouTube

 This 20-minute video describes the issues surrounding how business performance and even worker safety can be affected.  It also describes with clear examples some good methods of helping those involved deal with the situation.  It is a US based video so not all of the tools mentioned at the end of the video are applicable, however don’t forget the fantastic set of tools that WorkSafeBC has made available on their website.  Check out Bullying and Harrasment for a complete source of tools, training, and even the guidelines and policies to help you build a great anti-bullying/workplace violence program.

 If you need more information or assistance with this or any safety issue, contact a safety advisor on the Safety Driven team at ohsadvisor at safetydriven dot ca.

Reprinted from 2014.

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