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SafetyDriven COR and Continual Improvement

A major principle for SafetyDriven COR is continual improvement. Achieving the 80% minimum standard for COR certification is only the beginning of the next phase of the safety journey.

Your company needs to make a commitment that the only acceptable outcome is preventing any workplace injury or illness.

How can your company achieve this? This objective can be reached by systematically, dealing with the remaining issues identified in audits or by other internal methods.

Many companies work very hard to address deficiencies from each audit before the next audit comes around. As each year goes on, issues become corrected and the results get nearer and nearer to the final goal. After several years of certification, companies come up with ways to correct other safety issues that the audit does not cover. These companies then add extra issues to their ongoing to-do safety list (referred to as the Corrective Action Plan, or CAP).

Continual improvement also applies to the SafetyDriven COR system itself. We want companies to provide us with information on the SafetyDriven COR  system, the audit, auditor performance, training resources and any other issues.

If you or your company is interested in working towards COR Certification, we should speak. Feel free to contact me, Hardeep Sarai (


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