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SafetyDriven COR – Corrective Action Plan

Employers must address any audit-identified deficiencies within their health and safety management systems (OHS COR) and/or their return-to-work programs (RTW COR).

The audit process is designed to determine if the essential elements of a health and safety management system are present. For virtually all audits, some deficiencies in the employers health and safety management system will be revealed.

For all audits, the employer should develop and implement an action plan to address any audit-identified deficiencies in the health and safety management system, and/or the return-to-work program, as applicable.

The process of developing and acting on a plan to improve the management system each time an audit is performed is referred to as continuous improvement.

Please click on the following link for a sample action plan template:

The continuous improvement concept is a powerful management tool, allowing those who utilize it to repeatedly improve the system under study by applying a repetitive four-step process of Plan, Do, Check, Act.

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