Templates & Forms

Templates & Forms Resource – How To?
Action Plan Template
Contractor Evaluation Checklist
Driver Evaluation
Emergency Response Drill Plan
Employee Training Record
Employee Training Record – Blank
Example Safety Policy
Generic Materials Handling Policy
Hazard Assessment Form
Incident Investigation Report
Incident Investigation Report (WorkSafeBC)
Incident Investigation Report – Preliminary
Inspection – Detailed Form
Inspection Form How To? – Worksite Inspection Form
Inventory of Inspections
Job Safety Analysis
OHS Review Plan
List of Legal Requirements
Maintenance Inventory List
Maintenance Requirements
Maintenance Schedule
OHS Program Document Tracking
Program Document Review Tracker
Recall List
Risk Assessment Worksheet
Safety Orientation Checklist
Worker Competence Evaluation


Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance

Templates & Forms Resource – How To?
North American Standard Inspection Program

National Safety Code

The following documents were borrowed from We encourage you to review the linked site for guidance on how and when to use these documents.

Templates & Forms Resource – How To?
NSC Safety Plan Guidelines
Carrier Safety Guide
Driver Abstract Request Form
National Safety Code Abstract Request Form
Driver Check Sheet
Vehicle Maintenance Form
Hours-of-service rules
National Safety Code Booklet

Preferred Practices

Templates & Forms Resource – How To?
Working Alone – Sample Policy
Working Alone – Sample Checklist
Violence in the Workplace – Sample Policy
Distracted Driving – Sample Policy