Tips & Tricks

Tips for Passenger Vehicle Drivers

Give trucks lots of space – don’t take away their turning or braking room. Don’t merge too soon — when passing a truck, make sure you can see both its headlights in your rear-view mirror before merging back into the lane. Be visible around trucks — trucks have blind spots that prevent truck drivers from … Read More

Seat Adjustment Tips for the Professional Driver

Is the seat comfortable (if possible, drive for about an hour)? Is there enough headroom so you do not slouch or bump your head if the car hits ruts or potholes? Does the seat support the full length of your thighs and all parts of your back? Can you independently adjust the: seat height from … Read More

10 Reasons Why You Should Participate in Road Safety at Work Week

Improve the safety of your employees when they drive for work Ensure your organization meets its legal obligations for worker safety Prevent motor vehicle crashes Save on the costs of motor vehicle crashes Increase employee attraction, retention and loyalty It will be a good learning experience Your organization will be seen as a road safety … Read More

Safe Work Practices for Lift Trucks

Use three point contact when mounting or dismounting mobile equipment Use appropriate Personal Protective Equipment and procedures Hi-visibility apparel, safety foot wear, safety glasses and hearing protection Get More Information

Safety Boot Maintenance

Inspect safety boots daily before use for damage Keep the outside, especially the soles of your safety boots, free from stones, nails, and other debris Replace safety boots if the top-cap becomes exposed, loose, or dented Replace safety boots if the sole grips become worn out Store, care, and maintain your safety boots, following the … Read More

Driving into the USA as a Commercial Driver

A driver must be at least twenty-one-years old to operate a commercial vehicle on Interstate Highways A driver cannot have any alcohol in the vehicle, including for personal use unless it is registered on the manifest The driver must be on the proper cycle when crossing the border and have enough hours left in the … Read More