Tips & Tricks

Safe Work Practices for Lift Trucks

Use three point contact when mounting or dismounting mobile equipment Use appropriate Personal Protective Equipment and procedures Hi-visibility apparel, safety foot wear, safety glasses and hearing protection Get More Information

Safety Boot Maintenance

Inspect safety boots daily before use for damage Keep the outside, especially the soles of your safety boots, free from stones, nails, and other debris Replace safety boots if the top-cap becomes exposed, loose, or dented Replace safety boots if the sole grips become worn out Store, care, and maintain your safety boots, following the … Read More

Driving into the USA as a Commercial Driver

A driver must be at least twenty-one-years old to operate a commercial vehicle on Interstate Highways A driver cannot have any alcohol in the vehicle, including for personal use unless it is registered on the manifest The driver must be on the proper cycle when crossing the border and have enough hours left in the … Read More

Six Ways to Attract, Recruit and Retain Young Employees

Review and update current recruitment approaches and strategies Review and refresh your corporate culture Review compensation structures and strategies Consider mutually beneficial, flexible work opportunities Provide and promote opportunities for professional development Implement coaching and mentoring opportunities For more information please read “A Roadmap for Canada’s Trucking Employers to Recruit and Retain Millennials“.