Tips & Tricks

How to find out if you’re a member

Look up your Classification Unit # Is it either 732019 or 732030? Congratulations!  You’re a member! Can’t find / Don’t know your Classification Unit #? Call the office at 604-888-2242 and we’ll help you find it. Or call us to discuss the benefits (whether you’re a member or not) More information can be found here. 

Reaching out to Young Workers

Develop a mentorship program Get them involved in making H&S decisions Provide hands on training Encourage them to ask questions Involve parents and other family members Identify them with special clothing, name tags, etc. Observe and correct any mistakes Get more information

5 Tips to Crossing Railways:

It can take the average freight train traveling at 88 kmh (55 mph) 1.5 km (1 mile) or more to stop. At crossings, don’t stop any closer than 6 meters (15 feet). If you’re in traffic, don’t go forward if you can’t safely clear the crossing. Keep in mind there’s an overhang, both for your … Read More

Before you start driving:

Plan your route Set your radio to the station you want Turn your cell phone to silent Finish your personal grooming Ensure your mirrors are in proper position Confirm your seat is in the correct position