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Read our CCOHS Online Course Policy
Detailed Registration Instructions

CCOHS Courses

CCOHS Courses

Procedure for Ordering CCOHS courses

  • Submit your course request through the online registration form.
  • SafetyDriven - TSCBC notifies CCOHS’ Account Manager.
  • Facilitator provides:
    • Number of seats they are ordering,
    • names of learners,
    • their email addresses
  • CCOHS process order, enter names of new learners, assign password and ensure new seats added/activated.
  • CCOHS will notify Facilitator when the account is set up.
  • SafetyDriven – TSCBC will provide a remaining balance invoice from the $2000 annual amount.

Membership Benefits

  • Each member company receives a $2000 annual allowance.
  • If the member company wishes to purchase any additional courses, they will receive an 80% discount off the retail cost listed on SafetyDriven – TSCBC’s website.
All of the above items are subject to change with notification.
For futher details and conditions, speak to your Safety Advisor or contact SafetyDriven - TSCBC at:
Telephone: 604-888-2242     Toll Free: 1-877-414-8001     Email:

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